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Oct. 6th, 2014 11:43 pm
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Setting: David aka Semper comes from an original modern Earth analogue in which people have begun to exhibit unexplained abilities, termed Xenanthropes, or simply Xenos, after the first cases were diagnosed as 'xenanthroposis.' Although Xenanthropes existed before, they were rare enough to go unnoticed, but this is no longer the case.

Brief History: David, as he calls himself at the moment, is possibly the world's oldest Xenanthrope, because as far as he's aware, he cannot ever die. He suspects he inspired the character of Utnapishtim, the survivor of the Great Flood, in the Epic of Gilgamesh. He also believes an incident in which he was dismembered by rebels against an early Pharaoh and then put back together by his friends inspired myths about Osiris. He has made himself at home across the world throughout history, moving on when everything around him inevitably crumbled. Most recently, he moved to America in the 70s, intrigued by the popular peace movement's efforts to put a stop to the endless, tragic repetition of human history.

Age: Around 5000, looks roughly 30ish
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 125lbs
Nationality: Presently posing as American
Build: Lean

Notes: Easily AU'd into the Marvelverse.
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1) What's the character's name/aliases?
He's gone by far too many names to remember most of them. He went by Vivien Valentin during the French Revolution, Yuri Sadik while (unsuccessfully) avoiding the stirrings of a second World War in Ukraine, and most recently has called himself David Smith as an American. As a gladiator in Rome, he took on the name Semper as something of a stage name, and has increasingly identified with the moniker since then. He suspects he has had other more famous names, but of course whether those were the names he actually used, or simply later mythical overlays is hard to say.

2) How did you come up with the name(s)?
"Semper" simply is Latin for "always" or "forever"--which he is, since, as far as experience has shown him at least, he can't ever die. Or, at least, can't stay dead. Most of his other names are either references ("David Smith" is the name of an actor who played the role of the undying prehistoric man in The Man from Earth), puns ("Vivien Valentin" is a pair of French names derived from Latin words for "alive" and "healthy"), or simply keeping his head down ("Yuri" is a common Slavic name, and "Sadik" is a Turkish name to explain away his not looking very Slavic).

3) Stats (height, weight, hair, eyes, etc)
A sort of middle-child of the agricultural revolution, Semper is not especially tall by either modern or paleolithic standards, standing at just 5'6"; neither is he have an especially bulky frame at only 125 pounds. However, he has a toned, wiry strength and seemingly bottomless endurance, a natural restlessness, and a tolerance (and even sometimes a taste) for physical punishment that keeps him rigorously fit. His eyes and hair and both black. His PB is Stephen Lobo.

4) How did you pick your character's PB?
The first PB I considered was Sendhil Ramamurthy (Mohinder Suresh from Heroes), but he was a bit too recognizable, and Semper properly should look a bit more Persian (for all that we can really be sure what Mesopotamians of 5000 years ago actually looked like). He also needed to lean toward deadpan/grouchy/snarky expressions, which Stephen Lobo supplied.

5) What is your character's premise?
There are a lot of characters who are quite a bit older than humans can really live to be. Some of them (a lot of anime characters, especially) just act pretty much like whatever age they appear to be; others (e.g. The Doctor of Doctor Who, Wolverine of X-Men) are clearly affected by their age in different ways, but they're still not hard to identify with. The character of the unaging caveman from The Man from Earth was intriguing because he spoke much more about his perspective on history, and this is essentially Semper's premise: someone who's been through his Tough Guy Wolverine phase, and who's been through his Wacky Crazy Guy Trying To Keep It Interesting phase, and has just gotten tired. The combination of his extreme length of life (about two orders of magnitude separated from a normal human, as of the 21st century) and his knowledge of his own absolute permanence make for an interesting psychological study.

6) How has that changed, if at all?
Pretty much the same central idea since he was conceived, although he's been AU'd into Marvel and Highlander settings for the sake of RP.

7) Loud or quiet? Passive or aggressive? Submissive or dominant?
It really depends on his mood, and his moods can span decades. At times, like in the 1930s, he can tell something stupid and annoying is coming and he just wants to stay out of it; at others, he gets a brief (by his standards) spark of motivation from seeing a rare glimpse of something genuinely new, and can become a font of industry. When something really grabs his attention, he pursues it tirelessly and fearlessly--it's just a matter of actually grabbing his attention.

8) Does your character have any particular musical talents/tastes?
He's dabbled, and every few decades some new sound comes along that he decides to play around with, but it hasn't really been a constant in his life.

9) Is your character a specific archetype?
There's a pun in here somewhere... if anything, he's a jack-of-all-trades, the slightly bitter, snarky know-it-all who's experienced too much to really get excited about whatever's going on. Sometimes it bites him in the ass, of course, but like all other things, ass-bites are transient and he isn't, so that doesn't really hold him back.

10) What are your character's hobbies, if any?
Exercise is a habit he formed so long ago he can't really remember why, but he might guess it was living in Sparta that really made it an unshakable fixture. He keeps up with mixed martial arts, and follows the growth of the arts and sciences with varying degrees of interest. His greatest hobby is observing the flow of humanity over the decades and centuries, but that can be a depressing hobby at times.

11) Does your character have any favorite foods?
Semper tends to like relatively simple meals: hearty rustic bread, dark beer, stews. He can eat and appreciate fancier fare, but, simply, he's too old to have much patience for fancying up what's going to come out pretty much the same anyway. He generally doesn't find highly processed food very appealing, though.

12) Does your character watch/participate in any particular sports?
MMA is at the top of his list, although he'll dabble in other sports occasionally just for the show of skill and the struggle. He can't get terribly absorbed in team loyalism, though.

13) Is your character fluent in more than one language?
Semper is fluent or at least passably conversational in a big pile of languages, having lived all over the world, including areas where it's not even uncommon to be multilingual. Although while posing as an American he speaks mainly English of course, his German, French, Ukrainian, and Russian are all quite up-to-date and fluent, and he could chat away with only a little more difficulty in obsolete forms of Greek, Latin, and Egyptian.

14) Does your character have a preferred mode of transportation?
He isn't very picky; air travel was impressive for awhile, but like everything, it becomes commonplace, and inconvenience is a far greater threat to him than physical danger.

15) Does your character have any pets?
He hasn't kept pets in a long time. Human companionship is short-lived enough; pets would be nearly pointless. Although he has jokingly toyed with the idea of adopting a tortoise or perhaps a giant squid.

16) What is your character's current occupation?
He has been working in NYC as a librarian for a few years--something nice and low-profile.

17) What occupation(s) has your character had in the past?
Too many to count, and he doesn't honestly remember a lot of them. Severe head trauma tends to swiss-cheese his memory, and getting beheaded in the French Revolution left him with a lot of hazy spots and blanks to try and fill in retroactively. He has certainly been a soldier and a leader of men many times, and also a farmer nearly as often. He served the pharaohs as an adviser and bodyguard for many years, in more than one dynasty, and may have inspired many legends about Aser (aka Osiris); he has also been an engineer and studied under some of the great inventors through history.

18) Describe your characters fashion sense. Do they have a favorite article of clothing?
Semper tends to dress simply but with an eye toward blending into the fashion of the day. He tends to prefer natural fibers and leather where feasible.

19) Does your character have any favorite TV shows/movies?
He finds TV shows and movies involving very old characters intriguing, at least when they are done well. Documentaries and history programs, he also finds interesting, in the way that police detectives find crime dramas interesting: it can be fun to pick apart all of the obviously wrong theories that people who weren't really there can never know.

20) Does your character have any habits/addictions?
His worst habit is probably being a snarky pain in the neck.

21) Does your character suffer from any long-term illnesses?
Doesn't now, never has (although he did have a nasty bout of the Black Death for a little while), pretty surely never will.

22) Does your character have a best friend or someone they're especially close to?
Not in his own setting, although AU'd together with someone, he might. In AU setups for games and memes, he has had friendly reunions with Highlander immortals, and a 5000 year old rivalry with Apokalips (which mostly consisted of Semper calling Apokalips by unflattering names and scoffing at the pointlessness of his ambitions).

23) Describe your character's upbringing.
Honestly he doesn't even remember most of it, himself, except that he's pretty sure he grew up in a Mesopotamian city on either the Tigris or Euphrates that was susceptible to those temperamental rivers' occasionally severe floods. Since he's known how to read for as long as he can remember, he assumes his family was of a mercantile or priestly class.

24) Does your character have any particular religious beliefs?
Other than some occasional bitter grumbling, not really. He's sort of outgrown their relevance, or at least he feels that he has.

25) Does your character have a favorite place?
It depends on his mood. Getting out to nature and away from people can be awfully soothing; but sometimes it's the ebb and flow of humanity that he craves. The one place he doesn't really like much is the open ocean. He was stranded on a small island, once, when he was relatively young, and nearly went mad with the bleakness and isolation. He could probably handle the same circumstances better, now, but still doesn't much like the thought of it.

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